Chris Williams – “Waiting, So Tired of Waiting”

Waiting, So Tired of Waiting is a photozine containing 26 images shot on November 4, 2020. From the artist: “On the evening following the chaotic 2020 US presidential election, uncertainty became oppressive, with many waiting in suspense for an answer to the question of whether a four-year long experiment in American nightmare-making had finally reached an end. It also coincided with a difficult day personally, while frustration with the necessary smallness of my world resulting from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic throbbed. For relief I set out after dark to climb the hill behind my neighborhood in Stuttgart with a camera slung over my shoulder. I had no particular goal, but resolved to work quickly and spontaneously, abandoning my usual approach of composing shots geometrically, not paying too much attention to focus or camera jitter, experimenting with motion and blur. When I reviewed the images over the following days, I discovered a collection that felt both diverse in technique and coherent in mood. This resulting photozine is intimately connected to what I was feeling that evening and I share it as a response to the ways in which many have been experiencing the world over the past year.”

Edition details

Limited edition of 25. 14 x 20 cm, 36 pages, 120 g/m2 Munken Lynx (coated 150 g/m2 cover), staple-bound. Digital print by Müllerprints, Stuttgart.

This is Smooth Space Edition #2.

Sample Images

Ordering Info

15 Euros plus shipping. To order, please contact Smooth Space.


Chris Williams ( is a photographer, musician and sound artist, and writer/editor based in Stuttgart, Germany.